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SeoBizDir is a worldwide online business directory service where companies can upload their business data like address details, phone numbers, opening hours and business information for more exposure, credibility and traffic back to their own homepage.

The SeoBizDir kit is very easy to use and covers 4 different tools:
  • The Basic Entry (FREE)
  • The Analytics Tool
  • The SEO Toolkit
  • Import/Export Interface
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Free features

You can create basic business entries for free. Of course you can also update or delete your business data. There is a free Google Maps integration and a direction service as well. All webviews are state of the art and have a smart, responsive design.

Adding and editing a business is very easy. Just type in the desired fields and then press submit.
Keep in mind, that you must turned on JavaScript for validating issues (e.g. address validation service).

You can also upload images, that will be displayed in the business entry header.
Once you have uploaded images, you can also define a profile image for each entry.

Each business entry has a "reviews" integration with a simple 5 star rating control. Just select a 1-5 star value and type a short message.

A Google Maps integeration is also a part of each business entry.

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Premium features
With the The SeoBizDir Analytics it is very easy to check your traffic to your business entry. You can display daily, weekly or monthly traffic via charts.
The SEO Toolkit can assist you in optimizing your business entry and get higher ranked in search engines.
With the Import/Export Interface you can bulk import or sync your business data via XML, JSON or CSV file format.
Recently added businesses
Created onNameCountryAction
20.01.2018 08:46:09 Lifestyle Interior Linings Australia πŸ”Ž
20.01.2018 07:32:56 The Law Office of Justin H. King United States πŸ”Ž
20.01.2018 03:40:15 Arcadia Floors + Home USA πŸ”Ž
19.01.2018 03:29:31 Danielson Financial Group USA πŸ”Ž
15.01.2018 17:40:15 Austin Roofers United States πŸ”Ž
15.01.2018 11:43:22 SKT Themes Canada πŸ”Ž
11.01.2018 19:42:16 Gourmet Fit USA πŸ”Ž
11.01.2018 19:42:15 Gourmet Fit USA πŸ”Ž
09.01.2018 18:35:25 Flood Doctor United States πŸ”Ž
09.01.2018 07:21:52 Themes21 United States πŸ”Ž
29.12.2017 09:16:27 Evapezone USA πŸ”Ž
27.12.2017 17:21:29 604 Maids Cleaning Services Canada πŸ”Ž
27.12.2017 02:44:06 Anytime Plumbing USA πŸ”Ž
23.12.2017 07:05:25 Florida Jet Charter USA πŸ”Ž
18.12.2017 17:51:00 Digital Marketers India: Indian Digital Marketing Agency India πŸ”Ž
18.12.2017 10:00:02 FieldEngineer united states πŸ”Ž
12.12.2017 13:33:40 AMELIA`S BLOG USA πŸ”Ž
08.12.2017 03:15:30 AccuServ Heating and Air Conditioning Canada πŸ”Ž
06.12.2017 03:41:40 Turn Key Locksmith USA πŸ”Ž
05.12.2017 04:55:24 SKYLIFE Milton Canada πŸ”Ž
29.11.2017 07:49:16 Galligans Mattress Factory Australia πŸ”Ž
29.11.2017 07:15:38 Kinex Media Canada πŸ”Ž
27.11.2017 07:51:38 Southpole Central Hotel Philippines πŸ”Ž
22.11.2017 06:14:56 Van Isle Auto Glass Canada πŸ”Ž
19.11.2017 09:04:44 Đẑi Lý Phα»₯ Kiện việt nam πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 09:45:00 Sky Windows and Doors USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 09:39:24 Miller & Company LLP USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 09:33:39 New Jersey Videography USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 09:26:37 eAutolease USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 09:21:26 M USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 09:15:53 Manhattan Eye Specialists USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 09:10:59 Manhattan Dermatology Specialists USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 09:06:11 Dow USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 09:00:58 Radiance Aesthetics & Wellness USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 08:57:36 Manh USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 08:53:19 Stem Cell Therapy USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 08:47:08 Manh USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 08:47:07 Man USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 08:41:38 Pain Physicians NY USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 08:36:40 True Dental Care for Kids & Teens USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 08:32:44 Kids Dentistry Center USA πŸ”Ž
10.11.2017 08:27:51 Midto USA πŸ”Ž
09.11.2017 16:57:41 Broadway Family Dental USA πŸ”Ž
09.11.2017 16:53:43 Contemporary Periodontics and Implant Surgery USA πŸ”Ž
09.11.2017 16:48:44 Cosmetic Dentistry Center USA πŸ”Ž
09.11.2017 16:43:45 NYC Dental Implants Center USA πŸ”Ž
09.11.2017 16:39:35 Envy Smile Dental Spa USA πŸ”Ž
09.11.2017 16:33:58 Forest Hills Medical Services USA πŸ”Ž
09.11.2017 16:27:31 Professional Gynecological Services USA πŸ”Ž
09.11.2017 16:18:22 Manhattan Women's Health & Wellness USA πŸ”Ž